Member Profile: Will Withecombe

Hastings Runners Member Profile 👍
Thought I’d get the ball rolling, feel free to change the questions and ask some!

How long have you been a member?
Since April 2021

And running since?
Age 11 at school

What’s your favourite event?
parkrun has the best atmosphere, the track is usually a nicer surface to run on though.

Relays are super too, fingers crossed for more of them, nothing beats running for a team.

Best performance?
16.05 at Hastings parkrun in 2022. Never been so happy to come second.

Any tips?
Just enjoy it and be sure to visit the cafe after.

Plans for the future?
Win the Last Leg Relays, I also hope to pace more soon and probably coach.

Favourite music?
Bob Dylan. I’ve been inside his childhood home, level of fanaticism!

Interesting information?
In a 5k race, I once followed the lead cyclist who was Steve Cram and won.

I ran the London marathon at 18 years old with a minidisc player wearing a polo shirt and long shorts.

Fun fact?
There is a 5k near Orpington, Kent that is run in the nude with chip timing. I have never done that or plan to.