• Name
    1. The name of the Club is Hastings Runners

  • Objects
    1. The objects of the Club are to promote running

  • Affiliations
    1. The Club shall affiliate to such bodies as are recorded in the bye laws

  • Members
    1. Membership is open to all persons aged 12 years and over.


2 Any person who supports the objects of the Club may apply for membership to the General Secretary

3 Every person who applies for membership shall become a member

  1. if approved by the Executive Committee and 
  2. on payment of the subscription for the current year

4 The General Secretary shall keep a register of members

5 A member shall cease to be a member if:

1 they give the General Secretary written notice of resignation or

2 they fail to pay any subscription within three months after the due date of payment

3 they bring the interests of the Club into disrepute and the Standards Committee on 21 days notice resolves by special resolution to remove them from membership provided that they shall first have received 7 days notice of such intention and been afforded the opportunity to make representations (orally or in writing) to the Standards Committee 

4 they die.

6 A General Meeting may appoint honorary members for such periods and on such terms as it may determine

7 A member may elect as an individual not to be affiliated to England Athletics and shall not then be liable to pay the additional subscription as assessed by England Athletics from time to time

  • Subscriptions
    1. The membership year is from the 1st April to the 31st March
    2. The annual subscription is payable on the 1st April in each year
    3. The subscription of any person who becomes a member after the 1st January in any year shall cover the period to the 31st March in the following year

  • Officers
    1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair Vice Chair General Secretary and Treasurer (‘the Officers’) and shall manage all the affairs of the Club save where this Constitution otherwise provides or a General Meeting shall direct
    2. The Officers shall hold office from immediately after the meeting at which they are appointed until the conclusion of the meeting at which their successors are appointed
    3. The Standards Committee consists of the Officers and four other members 
    4. A General Meeting may appoint other honorary officers (including the President) for such periods and with such responsibilities as it may determine and may fill any casual vacancy in the Standards Committee until the next Annual General Meeting
    5. Any person shall cease to hold office if they ceases to be a member and may resign office by giving 7 days written notice to the Chair or the General Secretary
    6. All acts bona fide done by the Executive Committee the Standards Committee or by any person acting as an honorary officer shall be treated as fully valid notwithstanding some defect in their appointment or continuance in office

  • General Meetings
    1. A General Meeting for all adult members (18 and over) shall be held at least once every two months on 14 days notice and on such date and at such place and time as the Executive Committee shall determine.
    2. Subject to the provisions of this Constitution a General Meeting with the consent of a majority of the Executive Committee may determine any matter affecting the Club 
    3. If a majority of the Executive Committee do not consent to a proposal made at a General Meeting then a decision on the proposal shall be adjourned to the next following General Meeting and all members shall be given notice of the resolution which may then be decided without the consent of the Executive Committee
    4. No decision taken at a General Meeting shall invalidate any prior act of the Executive Committee which would have been valid if such decision had not been made
    5. An Annual General Meeting shall be held on 21 days notice in October in each year and on such date and at such place and time as the Executive Committee shall determine
    6. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:
      1. To receive the Chair’s report
      2. To receive the accounts (which shall have first been examined by the auditor) and the report of the Treasurer
      3. To appoint the Officers and other members of the Standards Committee
        Nominations must be received by the General Secretary at least 7 days before the meeting
      4. To appoint any honorary officers
      5. To appoint the auditor for the ensuing year and
      6. To fix the subscription for the ensuing year
    7. If the Chair is not present within 15 minutes of the time a meeting is due to start the chair shall be taken by a member chosen by those present

  • Financial matters
    1. The financial year of the Club shall end on the 31st March
    2. All monies received by the Club shall be paid into an account in the name of the Club at a bank to be chosen by the Executive Committee
    3. All cheques drawn on the account shall be signed by two Officers

  • Voting procedures
    1. The quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be 3 persons
    2. The quorum for a meeting of the Standards Committee shall be 6 persons
    3. The quorum for a General Meeting shall be 20 persons
    4. Only those present at a meeting shall be entitled to vote
    5. All decisions (other than for a special resolution) shall require a simple majority of those present and voting
    6. Decisions on a special resolution shall require a two thirds majority of those present and voting
    7. A special resolution is required to:
      1. to remove all or any of the Officers
      2. to alter this Constitution
      3. to make amend or rescind bye laws
      4. to dissolve the Club
    8. Unless the Chair of a meeting authorises a secret ballot, votes shall be on a show of hands with the Chair having a second or casting vote in the event of a tie

  • Notice
    1. Notice may be given by any of the following:
      1. In the Club Newsletter effective from the date it is published
      2. By second class post to a member’s last known address effective from the date of posting
      3. By email to a member (or member’s parent/guardian) who has provided an email address and has not given notice that they are unwilling to receive notice by email
    2. In the case of ordinary business the notice shall specify the general nature of the matter to be discussed
    3. In the case of a special resolution (or an adjourned matter under 7.3)  the notice shall specify the terms of the proposed resolution
    4. The accidental omission to give notice of a meeting to or the non-receipt of notice of a meeting by any person entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate the proceedings at that meeting

  • Dissolution
    1. If the Club is dissolved then the dissolution shall take effect from the day the resolution is passed and the Executive Committee shall be responsible for winding up the assets and liabilities of the club
    2. If any property remains after the discharge of all debts and liabilities of the Club it shall be distributed to another club or body with broadly similar objects to this Club as selected by the Executive Committee

  • Indemnity
    1. Except such loss as arises from their respective wilful default the members of the Standards Committee and the honorary officers shall not be liable (otherwise than as members) for any loss suffered by the Club as a result of the discharge of their respective duties on its behalf and they shall be entitled to an indemnity for all expenses and other liabilities incurred by them in the discharge of their respective duties


Bye Laws


These amended bye laws were adopted by a special resolution at a general meeting of the club held at on 11th October 2017.


  1. The Club motto is’ “ Running promotes friendship all over the world.”
  2. The Club shall affiliate to:
    1. Sussex County Athletics Association
    2. England Athletics
    3. Association of Running Clubs


  1. The Executive Committee shall maintain in force insurance cover to protect members from liability for personal injury and such other risks as the Executive Committee or a General Meeting shall decide


  1. The Executive Committee shall select and appoint (and may dismiss):
    1. suitably qualified members as coaches and 
    2. other volunteers to fill specific roles as required from time to time


  1. Members of the Executive Committee, the honorary officers and members appointed pursuant to bye law 4 shall be entitled to be reimbursed their reasonable expenses

  2. The Executive Committee shall determine the allocation of entry tickets for the London Marathon


  1. The club running colours are a black and green top with white Hastings Runners logo and black or green shorts/leggings 
    1. Club colours must be worn in all competitions to be eligible for points or prizes
    2. Members who are being sponsored to participate in a public competition may so notify the General Secretary and may then wear the colours of their sponsor


  1. A member who resigns shall not be eligible to apply again for membership within twelve months without the approval of a General Meeting


  1. Members may run as second claim members of any other registered running or athletic club (and vice versa) subject to the national rules for second claim


  1. Items for discussion at a General Meeting should be notified to the General Secretary at least 7 days before the meeting. A member who wishes to propose a resolution (where ordinary or special) must give the General Secretary sufficient notice to include the terms of the resolution in the notice of the meeting


  1. Applicants for membership shall complete an application form as approved by the Executive Committee from time to time


  1. The constitution and these bye laws shall be permanently available on the web site


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