2023 Awards Night – List of Recipitants

Club Championship – Ladies
1. Zoe Fairclough
2. Sarah Bendle
3. Tamsin West

Club Championship – Men
1. Will Withecombe
2. Adam Weller
3. Paul Lambert

Age Category Winners – Ladies
Senior: Zoe Fairclough
FV 35: Tamsin West
FV 40: Marie Appleton
FV 45: Sarah Bendle
FV 50: Sue Wilkinson
FV 55: Jo French
FV 60: Jan Young
FV 65: Irene Kitson
FV 70: Sarah Marzaioli
FV 75: Yockie Richardson

Age Category Winners – Men
Senior: Andrew Shipilov
MV 35: Will Withecombe
MV 40: Simon Linklater
MV 45: Ben Sallows
MV 50: Kieran Price
MV 55: Kevin Blowers
MV 60: Neil Jeffries
MV 65: No runner completed 8 Championship Races
MV 70: Bob Dennis
MV 75: No runner completed 8 Championship Races

Merit Awards
Andy Knight
Jo French
Paul Lambert
Jo Edwards
Bob Dennis
Neil Jeffries
Marie Appleton
Jess Hayward
Jackie Scott
Adam Weller
Andrew Shipilov

Achievers Awards
Ladies- Sarah Bendle
Men – Adam Holland

Cross Country Trophy – Jane Coles

Chief Marshall’s Trophy – Chris and Mike Foord

Coach Of The Year
1. Nick Brown
2. Simon Linklater
3. Anthony Gardener

Wilf Gaye Memorial Trophy – Lorraine Ashby
Endeavour Trophy – Matt Edmonds
Founders Trophy – Rob Thomas

No Runner gets left behind